Il prodotto Barraq

Barraq in its basic version will be equipped with a a power supply, with 6-12 volt battery , dual USBoutput to power the main device such as smart phones , LED sign , tablets , POS ; ie the necessary tools to be street vendors 2.0. It will also be possible to charge the battery through the power outlet with 230v voltage.

The Barraq product will be equipped with the basic version of a LED intelligent lighting system that will improve sales skills and enhance their visual merchandising . In its basic version Barraq will have a standard roof , functional and simple. Our product is designed to be integrated and supported by a range of accessories that will enhance the Barraq yield by increasing the autonomy of the street vendors .

The accessories line will be the ones that will increase dell’ambulante exhibition possibilities as custom LED signs , to those that will increase the provision of Barraq , type solar panel high functioning which will have more autonomy.


Among the latter is in the process of prototyping also an external system designed for the supply of rainwater , which through a series of intelligent filters, can be accumulated and used.
To increase the transport of goods to be exhibited, in addition to the interior in charge of this function, you can add an cargo compartment optional add.

The accessories also interested in being able to choose design texture Dedicated and customizable both for the structure that coverage as well as the possibility, in the process of study and planning, to have different forms of coverage (cone section, domed,). The design of the accessories responds to logic and low cost, and to optimize the total cost and weight.